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Our goal is to offer the best Platform as a Service (PaaS) via our easy:PaaS and ops:PaaS products. Platform as a Service means that we will manage everything that your application needs such as database servers, load balancers, application servers, vertical & horizontal scaling etc., but you will still be in control. We also offer development and infrastructure consultancy services.

Consultancy services



Development of cloud based applications with a focus on performance. We work with cloud enabled languages and middleware that is platform independent. 

Consultancy services



Services for efficient development and operations. We build cloud based dev-ops and orchestration solutions and can manage your cloud applications.

A platform where you can create a complete server environment for your Java, PHP, Ruby, Python or Node.JS application in one minute. Automatic scaling and you only pay for actual usage. Powered by Jelastic

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A private PaaS where you can run ANY application. We will customize the platform based on your requirements. We support Docker and are compatible with OpenStack and Amazon Web Services.

Our own public IaaS based on OpenStack. The powerful infrastructure service is the foundation for PaaS but here you can run your own servers as well and only pay for actual usage. Powered by OpenStack

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Platform as a Service

What is Platform as a service (PaaS)?

You could say that PaaS is the layer between IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) and SaaS (Software-as-a-Service). PaaS is a broad collection of application infrastructure (middleware) services (including application servers, databases, loadbalancers and monitoring tools). With PaaS the customer (mostly developers) don't have to worry about managing virtual servers, installing/updating databases etc. They simply pick their favorite software stack and the IT-environment is created within minutes.

With our Paas offerings you can deploy and run any Java, PHP, Ruby, Pythin, NodeJS or Docker application on our easy:PaaS platform and any application on our ops:IaaS platform.
Download our white paper about easy:PaaS here.